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John Harte

The broken audit

In the light of the recent UK consultation on restoring trust and the audit market, John Harte argues that the audit process is broken and considers what role boards can play in fixing it.

Justine Lutterodt Complimentary Article

Compulsive homogeneity

In the third Report coming out of her research Justine Lutterodt considers how to avoid ‘compulsive homogeneity’ in the boardroom by creating a healthier flow of power.

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21 Years of Governance

All the team at Governance Publishing are delighted to announce our 21st birthday!

On 31st May 2000, Governance Publishing was incorporated, and since then it's been our purpose to provide incisive and authoritative informed opinion on one of today’s most critical corporate issues. We are proud that only Governance brings you such a rich source of information on developments in the international arena of corporate governance on a monthly basis.

We would like to express our huge thanks to all our Advisory Board members and other thought leaders who have so generously shared their expertise over the years.

We look forward to helping to keep the discussion going in years to come.

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