Neil Hare-Brown

Cyber Risk

Neil Hare-Brown considers how boards should tackle cyber crime and suggests seven key strategies forming the foundations for effective cyber risk management

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Daniele Vitale

European 2019 AGM Season

Daniele Vitale looks at key considerations for the forthcoming AGM season across Europe.

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Alison Gill & Gay Haskins

Kindness in Leadership

Gay Haskins and Alison Gill cite a range of organisational examples, to suggest that kindness should be more to the fore in governance and in the boardroom …

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Dr Florian Schilling

CG- Science, Craft or art?

For over 20 years now a debate has been going on about what good corporate governance is.
Dr Florian Schilling argues that depending on whether it is seen as a science, a craft or an art, very different conclusions can be drawn.

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Michael Henson and John Dawson 

Modernising the UK AGM

Michael Henson and John Dawson look at the way that AGMs are run currently and make some suggestions for modernising the process to empower both the company and the investors.

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Paul Lee

Accountable Capitalism

Paul Lee asks if Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act is actually debating points not legislation?

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Bob McCormick and Rob Zivnuska

Shareholder Engagement

Bob McCormick and Rob Zivnuska consider how companies can navigate a complex shareholder engagement landscape.

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Anthony Fitzsimmons 

The new UK CG Code

Anthony Fitzsimmons looks at the new UK Corporate Governance Code and Guidance on Board Effectiveness which were both published in July 2018.

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Vanessa Jones

Governance of large private UK companies

Vanessa Jones takes a detailed look at the new Wates Principles on the governance of large private companies in the UK which the FRC issued for consultation in June 2018.

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Alison Gill

Evaluating Board Performance

Alison Gill uses her experience as a board evaluator to draw out what makes a good external board evaluation and the benefits it can bring.

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