2022 IESE-ECGI Corporate Governance Conference

Corporate Governance, Corporate Culture and the Board’s Culture 

The 2022 IESE-ECGI Corporate Governance Conference will take place in Barcelona, on October 3, 2022, in person. This Conference will discuss the role of corporate culture in corporate governance.

Corporate culture is considered a very relevant driver of the firm’s success. Unfortunately, there is neither a widespread agreement on how to unpack the determinants of corporate culture, nor on how those factors influence corporate performance.

These concerns have awakened a new interest in corporate culture among scholars in the fields of corporate finance, economics, management and leadership, among others. Over the past ten years, relevant new theoretical and empirical work has been developed, with some promising results.

Some large institutional investors have recently announced that they expect boards of directors to understand and discuss corporate culture, and promote one that sets the right tone for the organization. Boards should reflect on how to make sure that the firm’s culture support its strategy. Unfortunately, we still know very few insights on how boards of directors can govern corporate culture.

This 2022 IESE-ECGI Corporate Governance Academic Conference aims at discussing these issues from the specific perspective of the board of directors as the top decision-maker in an organization with a cross-disciplinary approach.

The Conference will consist of five sessions where a distinguished scholar will present a recent paper, followed by a discussant. It will also include a session with CEOs and chair persons of boards who will discuss the implications of corporate culture for boards of directors.

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