Financial Times Board Essentials – Now

What makes a truly effective board?

1) Having a clear sense of purpose and vision for the organisation which is understood by everyone.
2) Having the right people on the board working together in the most effective way
3) Having the right processes in place.

The session will focus on Purpose, People and Process and is rooted in the practical realities of life on a board as well as some of the tough dilemmas that directors face. It takes into account what has changed for boards as a result of the pandemic including what Chairs are now looking for in their board members. It will be highly interactive with the aim of providing a thought provoking, useful and practical stimulus to help board members provide the right blend of oversight and support required to both protect and increase value and impact for their organisations.

Drawing on his extensive range of experience working with and on boards in many sectors, the themes explored reflect those covered in Patrick’s recent award-winning book entitled ‘Boards’. Every attendee will receive a free FT branded copy of ‘Boards’ after the event. This virtual workshop has been designed to allow Patrick to share his knowledge and experience in his own inimitable, lively and entertaining way.

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