FT Non-Executive Director Diploma Cohort 53

Delivered in the UK, the FT Non-Executive Director Diploma is a formally accredited, post-graduate level qualification for current and aspiring non-executive directors. It’s approved by Pearson Education Limited as meeting the criteria for Pearson’s Self Regulated Framework*.

Based on the local Corporate Governance Code and built upon the principles it contains, the Diploma covers all aspects of successfully running a company and the important role the non-executive director plays in maximising value and ensuring long term sustainability.

Completed over six months, this course will equip you with:

  1. The core knowledge and confidence to succeed as a non-executive director

  2. The skills needed to navigate board dynamics, fulfil legal liabilities and duties, and the all-important behavioural skills required to make an effective contribution to the board

  3. The connections to learn from and collaborate with; develop rewarding relationships with your ‘top flight’ cohort of non-executive directors and future non-executive directors

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