Governance beyond the Pandemic Summit

As coronavirus has swept through the global population, so too has it swept through the global economy, leaving recession, uncertainty and instability in its wake. It’s time to pick up the pieces and rebuild. For some organisations, that means assessing the damage and developing plans for growth; for others it means building upon lessons learned through this adversity.

Join ICSA at this this virtual summit to discuss the pandemic and its impact upon the governance landscape. What is the new normal now? Where are organisations likely to stand on environmental and social governance, diversity and trust? And what’s on the horizon for such governance ‘staples’ as nurturing talent in the boardroom, risk management, auditing and disclosure?

ICSA have an incredible line-up of speakers, from across the UK and beyond, plus all the usual opportunities to network, chat with sponsors and discuss the latest thinking – in a virtual environment. Find out more about what to expect from this virtual conference here;

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