How does exclusion happen in your boardroom? Part 2 – Dynamics

How does exclusion happen in your boardroom? What issues do not make it onto the board agenda? What information is not shared amongst colleagues? Which groups of people are not selected to join?

Are these decisions guided by your organisations’ values, vision and strategic objectives? Or by mindless automated responses?

The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland and the Centre for Synchronous Leadership have collaborated to produce a ground-breaking report on mindful exclusion, following a study of over 300 governance professionals, board directors and executive committee members.

In this series of workshops, we seek to understand how exclusion was occurring in the context of organisational governance. We will focus on three processes of decision making at the board and executive committee level – what was decided on, how these decisions were made and who was making them.

In practical terms, this means we will be looking at:

I. Agenda: What issues were or were not making it onto the agenda?
II. Dynamics: What conversations were or were not occurring as part of group dynamics?
III. Composition: Which people were or were not being selected to join (composition)?

Like three layers of an onion, we expected these processes to be interrelated. We decided to start with the agenda since it was the most superficial layer and thus the easiest to change. From there, we will work our way into dynamics and then composition. These three areas are reflected in the three parts of these workshops and the correlating report.

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