ICSA Webinar – 2021: is your board ready?

The coming year presents a fresh start for organisations, a chance to move on from the crises of 2020. Bulk vaccinations are being rolled out, and there will be more of a push to return to office-based working from the Spring, but what challenges will this present for boards? Will this spell the return to the ‘old normal’? Or will digital initiatives remain a priority? Will boards place employee wellbeing front and centre-stage in their decision-making? And will the assessment and management of ESG risks and opportunities continue to focus the board’s attention?

The pandemic continues to force many boards to think and act more dynamically and innovatively. In this session, we reflect upon how businesses might continue to evolve with the changing political landscape. And we discuss the likely impact of significant changes on the global stage, including the new era for the UK post-Brexit, and a new President in the White House.

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