INSEAD Directors Forum – Recovery in a New Era of Corporate Governance

The INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre is thrilled to announce that the registration is now open for our virtual edition of the upcoming INSEAD Directors Forum entitled “Recovery in a New Era of Corporate Governance” taking place live on Friday 16 October 2020, 9.00am (CET). As gloomy economic prognosis continues to loom over the horizon of world economies due to the rampage of the coronavirus pandemic, the imperative to innovate and evolve could not be stronger. A new era of corporate governance is arising where conventional governance practices and structures will have to give way to new direction that is fit for purposes in addressing the disruptive changes and proliferating challenges facing boards.

The 16th edition of the thought leadership forum will address the shifts in the economic and technological landscape to examine how board of directors can harness the emerging technologies to lead organisational transformation for recovery. We will explore how boards can shape organisational culture and leverage renewal to build resilience. We will also hear perspectives from leading experts through a digital dialogue to understand the latest pressing movements and issues such as social justice, climate change, crisis management that are arising in the boardroom.

Join them as they draw insights from distinguished knowledge experts, board directors and top executives to engage on how board directors can bring about sustainable recovery and organisational transformation amid the crisis.

For more information on the agenda line-up, please visit the webinar website or contact us at Registration will be opened till Thursday 15 October, 9.00am (CET).

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