Strategy, Values and Culture – The seismic changes to the way that boards think and operate

The role of the board in ensuring that their organisations have the right strategy, values and culture has never been more important or more relevant. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change as well as race and other issues have thrown into sharp relief how crucial these three drivers are not just to survival but to sustained success. The aftershocks of these major challenges combined with technological change in data analytics are also leading to seismic changes in the way that many boards are thinking about and do strategy, values and culture.

This very interactive and practical workshop will be run virtually by Patrick Dunne, a highly-experienced board professional.

Looking at what’s changed over the last eighteen months:

It considers the move towards flexible strategic frameworks as opposed to having fixed three or five-year strategic plans;
It looks at having dynamic budgeting which can adapt to changing circumstances much more quickly than the traditional annual budgeting cycle;
It explores the changing relationship between the Chair and the CEO, and the board and the executive.

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