The Effective Board Chair Webinar

Effective Board Chair: Lessons Learned from Board Effectiveness Reviews

The role of the Chair is a critical but frequently underrated component for value creating boards. But what makes for a truly effective Chair? In this webinar from the Board Effectiveness Guild and chaired by Lesley Stephenson, the publisher of Governance,experienced board reviewers will give their insights from the many boards they have reviewed as to what makes some Chairs stand out in leading the board. It is aimed at Chairs of boards and board committees, non-executive directors, executive directors and company secretaries – all of whom have to navigate the intricacies of boardroom operation.

The webinar will be in four sections covering:

Chairing boards and committees – how does the Chair effectively create the right culture and manage the dynamics so that the board can be truly value creating?

Managing the principal stakeholder relationships – what does the effective Chair need to do to outside of board meetings to ensure the board works well?  And how is communication best managed with often competing stakeholder groups?

Key board relationships – The Chair has to build and maintain a number of relationships inside and outside the boardroom – for example, with the CEO, SID, NEDs, executives as well as more junior colleagues. How is this best managed?

Succession Planning – what is the Chair’s role in one of the board’s most important tasks: succession planning? How does the Chair recruit for a truly diverse board while ensuring the right skills and best dynamics are maintained?

The presenters will draw on anonymised examples and good practice from boards of PLCs, public sector organisations, privately held companies and charities and you will have the chance to raise particular questions relating to your own experience in the Q&A sessions.

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