Dr Shann Turnbull

Remaking capitalism

Dr Shann Turnbull suggests a new model of corporate governance for the common good.

Tom Proverbs-Garbett

Governance and climate change

Tom Proverbs-Garbett looks at the important role having a good corporate governance framework can play in helping a company to meet its responsibilities in relation to climate change.

Hannah Orowitz and Lee Anne Hagel

Early trends from US 2022 AGM season

Hannah Orowitz and Lee Anne Hagel look at early US annual meeting voting trends which suggest muted support for proposals on environmental and social issues.

John Harte

Cyber-security matters

John Harte considers the steps boards must take to minimise the risk of costly cyber attacks.

Ian White

A new approach?

Ian White suggests a new approach for non-execs and board decision-making which focuses more on a coaching basis rather than entirely on a detail-driven analysis of past results.

John Britton

2022 AGMs: A snapshot of key trends

John Britton looks at what the likely key trends are for 2022 AGMs based on what happened in 2021, and in particular the use of new technology prompted by the pandemic.

Maddie Scrafton

The importance of governance in an IPO

Maddie Scrafton shares Computershare’s considerable experience to set out best practice governance considerations for companies aiming for an IPO.

Gerry Brown & Dr Randall S Peterson

Disaster in the boardroom

Gerry Brown and Dr Randall S Peterson share the highlights of the research they have recently conducted into why boardroom disasters happen and what steps could be taken to mitigate them.

Dr Shann Turnbull

Risks and opportunities

Dr Shann Turnbull considers risk management by and for directors and shareholding stewards.

Tom Proverbs-Garbett

Employee directors in the UK

Tom Proverbs-Garbett looks at what to consider if appointing employees to boards in the UK.

Lyndsey Zhang

CG in China

In an extract from the introduction to her book being published later this month, Lyndsey Zhang explains what she sees as the key issues surrounding corporate governance in China.

Chris Stamp

Reflecting on corporate governance

Twenty years ago Chris Stamp was the founder of Prism Cosec, now a leading company secretarial practice working with listed companies. He now reflects on the past 20 years of governance and looks forward to what the next 20 years might bring.

Patrick Dunne

Data Savvy boards

Patrick Dunne has been getting a lot of interest in his LinkedIn posts about how boards are changing the way that they are making their decisions, making better use of data. In this article he goes into a bit more detail.

Andy Davies

Evaluating the shift to virtual board meetings

Andy Davies looks at the lessons learnt about running virtual board meetings during the pandemic, when there was no option, and argues for a hybrid model going forward.

Hans-Kristian Bryn & Carl Sjostrom

ESG disruption: what's next for risk, performance and reward?

Hans-Kristian Bryn and Carl Sjostrom consider the barriers that are preventing organisations from maximising the value from their ESG intentions.

Margaret-Ann Splawn

COP26: Four developments every board must know

Margaret-Ann Splawn looks at what came out of COP26 and what board members really need to know.

Simon Persin

UK SOX - what now?

Simon Persin looks at the preparations UK companies should be making in anticipation of the likely changes which may be implemented following the end of the consultation period on the White Paper aimed at restoring trust in audit and corporate governance.

Gerry Brown

You get what you pay for

Gerry Brown looks at the importance of having really good independent directors across all sectors and rewarding them accordingly.

2021 governance award winners revealed

November saw The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland’s annual Awards back with a bang.

Brigid Rosati

ESG profoundly impacted the 2021 US AGM season

Brigid Rosati looks at some common themes coming out of the US AGM season.

Helena Wayth and Rajalakshmi Subramanian

Board diversity and climate change

Helena Wyatt and Rajalakshmi Subramanian share the findings from their recent research which finds that more diverse boards drive greater company climate action.

Jazz Dhoofer

Global entity management and governance

Jazz Dhoofer sets out three key principles for governance and entity management in a digital world.

Claire Fargeot

Directors: to be or not to be a professional?

Claire Fargeot argues that the time has come for an efficient and active legal framework which helps to instil and maintain standards of director behaviours and professionalism.

Alison Gill

The importance of context

Alison Gill looks at the importance of context in board effectiveness reviews based on personal experience backed up by seminars run by the Board Effectiveness Guild.

Sandra Guerra, Lucas Ayres Barros & Rafael Liza Santos

Inside the board

Sandra Guerra, Lucas Ayres Barros and Rafael Liza Santos report back on recent research on interaction dynamics, decision architecture and outcomes in boards around the world.

Peter Swabey

Subsidiary governance

Peter Swabey looks at why it pays to have a strong subsidiary governance framework in place.

Filipe Morais

The changing role of the board Chair

Filipe Morais looks at key trends shaping the role of the board Chair for the next decade and beyond.

Daniele Vitale & Nicolo Dall'Antonia

Highlights from the 2021 European AGM Season

Daniele Vitale and Nicolò Dall’Antonia review key highlights of the 2021 AGM results across seven major European markets, including Say on Climate votes, opposition to executive remuneration, director elections and the need for off-season shareholder engagement.

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