Brendan Barber

Lifting the veil of secrecy

“Pension fund trustees understand that well-governed companies that engage with investors will perform better in the long term.”

Ian Dilks

Must try harder

“Some investors and analysts have indicated that share price volatility may occur, in some cases, if companies are unable to demonstrate this year that they have ‘IFRS 2005’ under full control.”

Patricia Hewitt

Balanced reporting

“Shareholder engagement is a success when there is an informed, healthy, open dialogue between investors and business.”

Frits Bolkestein

EC consults on role of NEDs

“The presence of a series of strong independent directors can help ensure that the interests of all shareholders and other stakeholders are duly taken into account in the preparation of company decisions.”

Tony Hoskins

CSR - case proven?

“CSR is no longer merely ‘fashionable’ but an essential component in delivering improved performance, requiring committed leaders to put it at the heart of business.”

Chris Lucas

All smoke and mirrors

“The governance challenge is not simply to keep pace with the regulators and ensure compliance with the rulebook. Confidence stems from competence not compliance.”

Andrew Evans

Pension schemes found wanting

“The results of our survey suggest that trustee boards are keen to enhance governance, but may have lulled themselves into a false sense of security by making some moves to comply with Myners.”

Frits Bolkestein

Director’s remuneration

“I believe we need to foster a regulatory framework which empowers shareholders and encourages companies to get their policies on directors’ remuneration right, without meddling in commercial decisions on individual remuneration.”

‘Behind the Mask - The Real Face of Corporate Responsibility’

Responsibility or accountability

There are some companies that will only take social responsibility on board if they have to. You’ve got to use regulation to make them.”

General Donald J. Johnston

OECD revises governance principles

“Once a new text is agreed, it will be up to governments, companies, investor groups and others to implement the recommendations and the OECD will follow this process closely.”

Patricia Hewitt

Director and auditor liability

“We do not want regulations that are so stringent, complex or unclear that honest, capable people are put off being directors or auditors.”

Geoff Lindey

NAPF launches new guide

“We believe that our revised policy together with the Combined Code will be of fundamental importance to investors and to management in years to come.”

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