Sue Bartlett

Executive bonuses rise

“The strong performance of UK businesses is a significant contributor to bigger executive bonuses and suggests that the continued move towards ‘pay for performance’ is having a positive impact.”

Catherine Bromilow

US board trends

“While it’s important for organisations to conduct evaluations on a regular basis, they face real risk if they identify changes needed but don’t make those changes.”

Richard Smerdon

UK Company Law Reform

“The vagueness of the implementation timetable is to be deplored, and a close eye will have to be kept open to spot statutory instruments implementing parts of the Act over the next two years.”

Siri Marshall

Changes signal progress

“A rising stock price, as we have painfully learned, does not necessarily mean an effective board.”

Carol Arrowsmith

Unexpected response to Higgs

“FTSE 350 companies are striving to achieve the boardroom equilibrium recommended by Sir Derek Higgs, but not in the way many people expected.”

Dean Krehmeyer

Breaking the cycle

“Short-termism cuts across an enterprise and results in management actions - including reductions in research and development, and the foregoing of strategic investments - all in order to make the quarterly number.”

Tom Gosling

Linking pay and performance

“Companies in the UK, and across the world, are continuing to chase the Holy Grail of better linking pay to performance. A fierce war on talent means that attracting, motivating and retaining the best people is essential to corporate prosperity.”

Gavin Anderson

Rating emerging markets

“Investors have long perceived that emerging market companies have relatively poor governance attributes, and our research shows that for the most part perception is reality.”

Tom McGrath

Managing risk

“The challenge is to leverage the skills and competencies of the whole board to address forward-looking growth issues.”

John Manzoni

SEC votes on executive compensation

“In order to prosper into the future, global companies must contribute to solving the issues that the world faces today.”

Éric D’Amours

M&A adding value

“The indications are that companies have learned some vital lessons from the past cycles, and are applying them now to improve their due diligence, deal management and the integration process.”

Anne Simpson

The Responsible Shareholder

“Companies are resentful of the extra burdens that have been placed upon them, and are asking that those burdens be justified.”

Denise Nappier

Responsible investment

“Financial markets tend to focus too heavily on short-term results at the expense of long-term and non-traditional financial fitness factors that could affect a company’s bottom line.”

Maurizio Zollo

Competitiveness in the EU

“Europe’s diversity, its pluralism, and its ability to internalise wider social and environmental impacts are distinctive assets, but they can cripple as readily as they can empower.”

Michael Cleary

Audit market examined

“If there were greater transparency in the conclusions of audit inspections, audit committees would be able to appoint auditors based on hard facts.”

Michael O’Sullivan

News Corp bows to pressure

“Perhaps the major achievement for shareholders is the demonstration that international co-operation between institutional investors gets results.”

Gavin Anderson

Changes afoot

“It certainly appears that directors are recognising shareholder concerns more quickly and examining these important issues.”

David Devlin

Auditor independence

“It is important that there be a regulatory pause to allow this new approach to auditor independence time to prove its worth to users of audit reports.”

Charles McCreevy

EC Action Plan

“Expert input will be important in preparing the strategy for EU company law and corporate governance in the coming years. Our future action must ensure that EU businesses are properly run and competitive.”

Susan Bloch

How am I doing?

“Chairmen often have to be prepared to stand back and have courageous conversations with their board members.”

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