Ruth Sealy

Diversity within the FTSE 100

'This increase brings a considerable addition to the talent pool and it will be interesting to monitor how long it takes for these women to emerge from the pipeline and into female executive director roles.'

Cas Sydorowitz

Trends in shareholder voting

'With the rise in shareholder activism and the growing level of hedge fund ownership, trying to minimise opposition to key resolutions at your shareholder meeting is now more important than ever. Understanding which resolutions failed last year, both in your own market and across Europe will help you plan for the next meeting.'

Barbara Young

Environmental reporting

‘I am pleased environmental reporting by FTSE listed companies has improved since our previous study in 2004. However, I am disappointed and concerned that most lack rigour, depth and quantification.’

Carol Arrowsmith

Board structure in the UK

‘[Boards] will welcome a period of relative calm in the world of corporate governance to allow them to bring leadership and strategy back to the top of the agenda.’

Carol Arrowsmith

Pace slows on boardroom changes

‘The decline of the executive director is quite extraordinary and is primarily a result of corporate governance guidelines which require half the board to be independent.’

Peter Waine

An endorsement of good chairmanship

‘All of the best practice standards and advice in the world will not compensate for a poor chairman.’

Roger Adams

Climate change reporting

‘It is only by examining the issues in public forums that financial markets will be able to assess real risks to long-term shareholder value and be better able more effectively to allocate their vast resources in ways that mitigate the threats of global climate change.’

Jamie Allen

Benchmarking corporate governance in China

‘... there was a sense that (western corporate governance standards) were an attempt to impose western standards and values on people. Now they see it as sound financial sense.’

Mark Lister

The right market?

‘For smaller companies, it is clear that a listing on AIM, rather than being a stepping stone to the Official List, is often an end in its own right.’

Duncan Brown

Paying for performance

‘... the broader corporate stakeholder and corporate responsibility agenda has stimulated growth in the use of non-financial measures in bonus plans alongside those more traditional measures focused on financial and shareholder return.’

Charlie McCreevy

Seizing the initiative

‘[The study] showed that there is no clear macro-economic evidence demonstrating a negative effect of deviations to the “one vote, one share” principle.’

Peter Waine

Reviewing the Combined Code

‘Strong corporate governance cannot make bad companies into good ones, but can make good companies better.’

Jon Edis-Bates

The value of the AGM

‘Our findings suggest that certain companies, even large ones, may be receptive to fundamental change. Electronic participation, in one form or another, should be explored further.’

Charlie McCreevy

One share - one vote

‘Previously we didn’t have a clear picture of how this issue affects European listed companies and whether it has an impact on their economic performance.’

John Meacock

Still in the dark?

‘Despite mounting evidence of the importance of tracking non- financial performance data, the global survey shows that actually putting it into practice remains a problem and much work still needs to be done.’

Dr Phillipe Haspeslagh

Raising the bar

‘The swift and radical strategic questioning recently directed at some companies by hedge funds and other active investors has clearly caught their Boards off guard.’

Jim Cleary

Progress on audit choice

‘Any market where as few as four firms account for 98 per cent or so of the work, as is the case for the FTSE 350 audit market, is one which risks becoming unhealthy by limiting choice and the challenge to keep improving market quality.’

Carl Sjostrom

Too much muscle?

‘Many companies find it extremely frustrating when they put in place new measures and processes to comply with institutional governance requirements, only to find there is little or no response from investors.’

Mark Goyder

Rigorous reporting in the UK

‘This report shows that despite the meanderings of government many companies have taken on much of what was included in the OFR and taken positive steps towards greater narrative reporting.’

Bill Cohen

David vs Goliath

‘Given the potential size of annual bonus payments it is important to ensure that performance targets are appropriately stretching.’

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