John Dawson and Michael Henson

Caveat praesidium – Chair beware

‘It is easy to see how for many boards having short tenure Chairs may create unintended consequences. Understanding these potential consequences could start influencing the appointment process and potentially lead a nomination committee to disqualify otherwise highly qualified candidates due to restraints on tenure length.’

Margaret-Ann Splawn

Climate governance considerations for boards

‘Climate change poses challenges for boards on many levels. It is a risk that is unique for businesses in its scope and scale, yet due to the complex and diverse nature of the issue, it remains poorly understood by many.’

Boris Nikolov, Erwan Morellec, and Norman Schürhoff

Measuring governance

‘Instead, the findings show that firm specific factors account for most of the differences. Firms with more cash, higher market-to-book ratio, and more intangible assets demonstrated the greatest cost impact from the conflict of interests.’

Neil Hare-Brown

Cyber risk

‘There must be a challenge to the current status quo. Boardrooms have become over-reliant on technical teams for advice and, as a result, restricted in how they can manage cyber risk from a strategic level. If controls are maintained only at operational level with no foundational strategy to maintain them then the overall cyber resilience is likely to be flawed.’

Daniele Vitale

European 2019 AGM season

‘One of the most notable findings in our analysis is how much more willing investors are becoming in opposing board members directly when they consider that there have been corporate governance failings.’

Yin-Hua Yeh

How to leave a lasting legacy?

‘The value of a well-designed succession plan is indisputable: firms which fail to provide a clear framework for succession after the passing of a founder often experience severe difficulties. However, merely having the vision to design a succession plan does not guarantee success. The further dimension to take into account is human nature.’

Alex Cameron and David Archer

Engaging boards with climate change – Part 2

‘Others emphasised the benefit of linking climate change reporting to a board’s normal financial reporting cycle and saw the principles issued by TCFD (Task Force for Climate- related Financial Disclosures) as a useful standard, requiring companies to engage with stakeholders and explain how they were contributing to reducing climate risks.’

Gay Haskins and Alison Gill

Kindness in leadership

‘A number of our interviewees ... suggested that kind leadership behaviours had a strong positive impact on organisational well-being and performance. For employees, the result is greater contentment, higher motivation, higher engagement and participation. Teams and management, they found, were more creative and innovative, with positive relationships more prevalent.’

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