François Siegwart

Switzerland puts the emphasis on sustainability

François Siegwart looks at the revised Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance in Switzerland which takes a holistic ESG approach.

Gavin Hayes

Building resilience for geopolitical disruption

With geopolitical risk now a board agenda item, Gavin Hayes argues that boards, internal audit, risk management and governance professionals need to prepare for continual disruption from geopolitical incidents.

Hanif Barma & Cosette Reczek

Time to rethink risk governance

Hanif Barma and Cosette Reczek challenge boards to really understand their organisation’s business model, its vulnerabilities and its breaking points; and ask how would it respond to evolving and emerging new risks?

John Britton

Early signs from the 2023 AGM season

John Britton looks at some of the key trends which appear to be emerging for the 2023 AGM season in the UK.