Alan McDonnell

Ireland – a ten-year governance journey

‘In 2015, Ireland has two legacies of its recession caused by poor governance to carry into the future – the first is a very large national debt to work through for many years to come – the second is a widespread awareness of what good governance means, and its value, not just in the corporate world, but across society as a whole.’

Haydn Main

CG statements: A case for change

‘At present the rules fail investors and other stakeholders by not mandating greater transparency in relation to the senior executive body – at a time when boards are drifting further towards a purely supervisory role – leaving the reader with an increasingly incomplete picture. For UK plc to retain its reputation as offering the gold standard in governance, a new approach is needed ... The extension of the corporate governance discipline to the senior executive body is not a radical expansion of the UK governance model, but an essential means of achieving its central purpose.’