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Global recognition of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is driving a major shift in investor attitudes, embedding itself in investment choices, becoming more integrated into processes, incorporated in risk management and intertwined with ethical concerns.
This in-depth report explores the most recent ESG development, the risks and opportunities these developments present and how investors may benefit.

Grant Thornton’s 17th Corporate Governance Review analyses the FTSE 350’s progress on governance using their annual reports and delivers both frustrating and encouraging findings.

The Ethics at Work: 2018 survey of employees illustrates the latest evolution and trends in employees perceptions of ethics in the workplace.

IR magazine has published this article on the need for CSR disclosure for investors. It explains how companies could benefit from better awareness on how carefully investors are looking into their CSR disclosure in order to make an effort to be as specific in what they report as possible. 

The World Federation of Exchanges has published this article on raising ESG awareness. It notes that many emerging markets have taken initiatives in recent years designed to raise issuing companies’ awareness and promote better transparency and disclosure on ESG-related performance and risk factors, and comments on the companies and countries in which these changes are taking place.

This report on ESG investing by Hermes Investment Management focuses on the changing perceptions of ESG investing, presenting it in a positive light in contrast to the often common opinion that it detracts from investment performance. It looks at the ways that ESG factors can in fact enhance returns, and highlights this by examining how well-governed companies have outperformed poorly governed companies by an average of over 30 basis points per month over the last five years. This report breaks down the reasons for using ESG-focused investing, concentrating not only on gaining better returns but also taking into account factors such as moral obligation. 

A new model of governance for sustainability that seeks to identify corporate governance practices that can effectively bring about a culture of sustainability within business organisations is proposed in a report, Integrated Governance – A New Model of Governance for Sustainability, released by the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). 

The report aims to show why the existing structures of corporate governance at a majority of companies are not well suited to advancing sustainability effectively, includes case studies of three companies that have demonstrated elements of integrated governance and provides institutional investors with recommendations for consideration when engaging with corporations and exercising their ownership rights. 


The paper explains how to achieve a universally prosperous environmentally sustainable global society. This objective is incompatible with traditional economic policies dependent of full employment and ideologies based on uninhibited use of non-renewable resources. Politically attractive incentives of smaller taxes are identified as a way of introducing ecological forms of property rights to realty, firms and money. 


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