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UNI Global Union is the voice of 20 million service sector workers around the world. Through 900 affiliated unions, UNI represents workers in 150 countries and in every region of the world. UNI represents workers in the Cleaning & Security; Commerce; Finance; Gaming; Graphical & Packaging; Hair & Beauty; ICTS; Media, Entertainment & Arts; Post & Logistics; Social Insurance; Sport; Temp & Agency Workers and Tourism industries.

Public Services International brings together more than 20 million workers, represented by 650 unions in 148 countries and territories. We are a global trade union federation dedicated to promoting quality public services in every part of the world. Our members, two-thirds of whom are women, work in social services, health care, municipal and community services, central government, and public utilities such as water and electricity.

The IUF is currently composed of 336 trade unions in 120 countries representing a combined representational membership of over 12 million workers (including a financial membership of 2.7 million). It is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

708 unions representing over 4.5 million transport workers in 154 countries are members of the ITF. It is one of several Global Union Federations allied with the International Trade Union Confederation

The International Federation of Journalists is the world's largest organisation of journalists. First established in 1926, it was relaunched in 1946 and again, in its present form, in 1952. Today the Federation represents around 600.000 members in more than 100 countries.

IndustriALL Global Union represents workers across supply chains in mining, energy and manufacturing sectors at the global level.

Education International is the voice of teachers and other education employees across the globe. A federation of about 400 associations and unions in more than 170 countries and territories, it represents 30 million educators in education institutions from early childhood to university.

Representing retail, distributive, food processing and manufacturing, laundries, catering, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, home shopping, warehouses, insurance agents, clerical, milkround and dairy process, call centres

Membership: 384,500

Representing manufacturing, engineering, energy, construction, IT, defence aerospace, motor industry, civil aviation, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, steel and metals, shipbuilding, scientists, technologists, professional and managerial staff, electronics and telecommunications, tobacco, food and drink, textiles, ceramics, paper, printing, professional staff in universities, commercial sales, the voluntary sector, banking and financial services, and the National Health Service, administrative, clerical, technical and supervisory; agriculture; building, construction and civil engineering; chemical, oil and rubber manufacture; civil air transport; docks and waterways; food, drink and tobacco; general workers; passenger services; power and engineering; public services; road transport commercial; textiles; vehicle building and automotive.

Membership: 1,474,500 

Representing local government, health care, the water, gas and electricity industries, further and higher education, schools, transport, voluntary sector, housing associations, police support staff

Membership: 1,374,500

Representing academic and academic related staff in higher education, further education, adult education, land-based education and prison education

Membership: 119,000


Representing engineering, scientific, managerial & professional staff in agriculture, communications/ICT, defence, electricity supply, energy, environment, health & safety, heritage, industry, law & order, shipbuilding, transport

Membership 123,000

Representing government departments and agencies, public bodies, private sector information technology and other service companies

Membership: 301,000

Representing journalists, photographers, new media and PR

Membership 30,000

Representing  all staff within the Nationwide Building Society Group, including Nationwide, Dunfermline Building Society and Nationwide International Ltd

Membership: 13,000

Education - teachers from early years to further education, maintained and independent sector, deputy headteachers, headteachers, students studying for teaching qualifications; other persons whose contracts of employment require them to teach, lecture or instruct.

Membership 279,100

Representing  public services - primarily local government, school support staff, care, NHS and education; also security, civil air transport, food production, distribution, retail, energy, utilities, catering, construction, shipbuilding, aerospace, defence, engineering, chemicals, leisure, textiles and clothing

Membership: 601,700


Representing  civil service, public bodies and NHS

Membershio 17,400


Representing Royal Mail Group, BT, O2 and other telecoms companies, Cable TV, Accenture HR Services, Capita, Santander and other related industries

Membership: 217,000


Representing industries in and around steel and metal, textiles, footwear and leather, betting shops, social care

Membership 67,000

Representing finance sector union representing staff working in Britannia / Co-operative Financial Services and its group of companies.

Membership 3,400


Representing broadcasting, film, digital and online media, theatre, cinema and related sectors.

Membership: 25,000


Representing teachers, headteachers, lecturers and teaching support staff in nursery, primary, secondary schools, sixth form and further education colleges, education managers. Includes membership of the Association for College Management, which transferred engagements to the ATL in January 2011

Membership 125,000

Representing senior professionals and managers in education and children's services including advisory headteachers, directors and managers of children's services, school improvement and early years advisers, education welfare officers, 14-19 coordinators, heads of Sure Start, Ofsted inspectors, parent partnership staff and self-employed consultants

Membership 4,100

Represents members working at Aegon UK

Membership 2,300

All staff employed in Santander and Santander businesses in the UK. Includes membership of the Union for Bradford and Bingley Staff and Associated Companies (UBAC) which transferred engagements to Advance late in 2009

Membership: 7,600

Committed to All employees of the Lloyds Banking Group

Membership: 31,000

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