Kerrie Waring

Kerrie is Chief Executive Officer of the ICGN, previously having been the Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary upon joining the company in 2008. She serves on the Japan FSA’s Council of Experts responsible for advising on developments to the Japan corporate governance and stewardship codes. She has extensive experience in the field of corporate governance having held significant positions in a number of professional bodies. Prior to her appointment at ICGN she was Corporate Governance Manager at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales where she had led the Institute’s US-UK corporate governance initiative. Prior to that in her role as International Professional Development Manager at the Institute of Directors, she led the development of several initiatives including the Global Director Development Circle linking board training institutions int he US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. Kerrie is co-author and editor of the ‘Handbook on International Corporate Governance’ (Kogan Page, 2004) and co-author of the World Bank-OECD’s Global Corporate Governance Forum’s Global Director Training Toolkit. The latter publication was the result of winning a World Bank tender for proposals to increase capacity building in emerging markets around director training.

Kerrie was named Rising Star of Corporate Governance by The Millstein School of Corporate Governance and Performance at the Yale School of Management (2008). She has a BA honours Degree in International Business and Japanese and is a Chartered Company Secretary.