Lesley Stephenson

The CEO and the Board

Lesley Stephenson summarises the recent conversation between Alison Gill and Patrick Dunne which looked at how the pandemic is changing the relationship between the board and the CEO.

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Gerry Brown

Governance across the board

Based on a landmark survey of the health, sports, charities and universities sectors Gerry Brown looks at how governance can be improved for the benefit of society as a whole.

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Professor Alex Edmans

Should businesses serve wider society?

Professor Alex Edmans argues that creating social value is neither defensive nor simply ‘worthy’ – it’s good business.

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Professor Bob Garratt

What does a 21st Century Board look like?

At a recent All Party Parliamentary Corporate Governance Group (APPCGG) meeting, on this topic Professor Bob Garratt was one of the panellists. This is a transcript of his remarks which has been updated to incorporate his answers to questions during the discussion.

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David Lewis

Disciplined experimentation

David Lewis considers why businesses need both emotional and strategic resilience as they tackle the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis?

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Jennifer Warren

Best practices for online AGMs

Jennifer Warren looks at the introduction of virtual shareholder communication as physical gatherings of every kind are reconsidered as a result of the pandemic and offers five tips for best practice.

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Paul Lee

Governing through the lens of fairness

Paul Lee argues that businesses need to be governed using a lens of fairness in order to be fully effective in building long-term prosperity beyond the current dreadful, but temporary, circumstances.

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Diana Wu David

Five trends for boards to watch

As the world turns to the next decade, what rising conversations will matter to the board community? Diana Wu David considers a few wide-ranging trends and key questions to consider around the board table.

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Tracey Brady

Board diversity beyond the FTSE 350

Tracey Brady discusses the findings of a recent review carried out by the Company Matters team into board diversity in AIM and FTSE 100 small cap companies.

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