17th Annual Corporate Governance Academic Conference

The Raj & Kamla Gupta Governance Institute invites you to join us for our 17th Annual Corporate Governance Conference. We invite you to submit papers in any area related to corporate governance, which includes (but is not restricted to) topics such as boards of directors, compensation, shareholder activism, mergers, debt as a form of governance, ESG-related issues, political influences on governance, etc.

The conference will take place on Friday, April 12, with a pre-conference dinner the preceding Thursday evening. Paper acceptance notices will go out in early February.

Submission Instructions

  • To be eligible for submission, the paper must still be at a revisable stage (i.e., neither published nor so close to publication that significant changes are not feasible) by the date of the conference.
  • When uploading your paper, please note that your paper MUST be saved with the following file name: All Authors’ Last Names_Paper Title.pdf. Submitting Author’s name should be first and in all caps with the shortened title of the paper following after an underscore. For example: WALKLING-Schlingemann-Stulz_Corporate Focusing and Internal Capital Markets.pdf.
  • The cost to submit a paper is $75.
  • Once you sign up for the event, you will recieve an email confirmation with the link to submit your paper.
  • If you are submitting more than one paper, please either (1) have a co-author submit the second paper or (2) zip the multiple papers into a single file. For those choosing the second option, please note that the submission fee is $75 per paper. If you are submitting more than one paper, please choose the number of guests equal to the number of extra papers you want to submit.
  • If you need assistance, please contact Mirela Hima, assistant director, Raj & Kamla Gupta Governance Institute at mh3229@drexel.edu.

Submission Fee:
One Paper Submission Fee: $75.00
Two Paper Submission Fee: $150.00
Three Paper Submission Fee: $225.00

Program Committee:

David Becher (Drexel University)
Jay Cai (Drexel University)
Jeffrey Coles (University of Utah)
Naveen Daniel (Drexel University)
Diane Del Guercio (University of Oregon and ECGI)
David Denis (Pittsburgh University)
Daniel Dorn (Drexel University)
Eli Fich (Drexel University and ECGI)
Laura Field (University of Delaware and ECGI)
Nick Gantchev (University of Warwick and ECGI)
Todd Gormley (Washington University in St. Louis and ECGI)
Tom Griffin (Villanova University)
Jarrad Harford (University of Washington and ECGI)
Peter Iliev (Pennsylvania State University State)
Wei Jiang (Emory University and ECGI)
Dalida Kadyrzhanova (Federal Reserve Board)
Joseph Kalmenovitz (University of Rochester)
Jonathan Karpoff (University of Washington and ECGI)
Tanja Kirmse (Miami University)
Michelle Lowry (Drexel University and ECGI)
Nadya Malenko (Boston College and ECGI)
Lalitha Naveen (Temple University and ECGI)
Ed Nelling (Drexel University)
Greg Nini (Drexel University)
Micah Officer (Loyola Marymount University and ECGI)
Gordon Phillips (Dartmouth College)
Anil Shivdasani (University of North Carolina)
Anh Tran (City University of London)
Paolo Volpin (Drexel University and ECGI) [lead]
Michael S. Weisbach (Ohio State University and ECGI)
Jared Wilson (Indiana University)
Tracie Woidtke (University of Tennessee)
Yuhai Xuan (University of California, Irvine)
Ke Yang (Lehigh University)
David L. Yermack (New York University and ECGI)

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