CGI Subsidiary Governance Summit

Over the past two years, the world has changed irreversibly. Social and economic dynamics have shifted, impacting groups and their subsidiaries.

With the evolving regulatory landscape in the UK and other jurisdictions, organisations need to assess and adapt their strategies, values, and purpose to keep up with the pace.

Join the CGI for this two-day virtual summit where their experts discuss the tools and techniques to improve their practice in subsidiary governance including:

  • the new risks agenda and guide to the board
  • merger and acquisitions and the need for governance to transform with an agile structure and new process
  • the UK regulatory landscape and how it impacts on future governance decisions
  • decarbonisation and the challenges presented
  • good practice for subsidiaries ESG reporting
  • and many more!

As always, you will have the opportunity to listen and interact with governance professionals who will introduce case studies, presentations, and panel discussions on the challenges met by subsidiary governance professionals.

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