ICGS Annual Conference 2024

The 10th annual conference of the International Corporate Governance Society will be held at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ-U.S.A. on November 2024. The conference theme is “An Integrative View of Corporate Governance Theory and Research.

About the conference

Each year, the ICGS conference provides a forum for international academics and policymakers to showcase and discuss the latest corporate governance research issues and practices.

Attendees from various disciplines (including accounting, finance, management, and law) approach the phenomenon from different theoretical lenses (behavioral, institutional, political) and with different modes of inquiry (theory-driven, data-driven, case study, large scale empirical) can then reconcile these different approaches into a holistic understanding of governance to include the effectiveness of internal and external governance mechanisms and integrative theoretical models across levels of analyses.

Topics include:

  • Integrative behavioral models of executives, directors, owners, and governance intermediaries (analysts, ratings agencies, etc.)
  • Political and institutional models to include the role of legal institutions, societal norms, and historical political systems’ influence on governance
  • Configurational approaches for governance conditions and outcomes
  • Qualitative understanding of directors, auditors and other key actors tasked with governance oversight
  • Quantitative and evidence-based insights of governance effectiveness
  • The effects of technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning on the governance ecosystem
  • Theoretical predictions: theories that work, those that don’t, and new theories


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