Tracy Gordon

Boardroom priorities across EMEA

‘We asked our respondents what they consider to be the top three requirements for an effective board. We did not define “effective” but chose to leave the interpretation to the respondents. It is no surprise that experience, diversity and knowledge came at the top of the rankings; but it is interesting that transparency, commitment to the organisation and leadership also feature prominently.’

Neill Blundell

Tackling bribery and corruption

‘It is therefore encouraging that many respondents’ companies back their values when a bribery risk is identified: there is no better way to demonstrate that bribery is unacceptable than rejecting a business opportunity or cutting ties with certain customers because of bribery concerns. In fact, 90 per cent of companies surveyed would reject a future business opportunity if there was an unacceptable bribery or corruption risk associated with it, and 72 per cent of businesses had already done so.’