John Harte

The broken audit

In the light of the recent UK consultation on restoring trust and the audit market, John Harte argues that the audit process is broken and considers what role boards can play in fixing it.

Justine Lutterodt

Compulsive homogeneity

In the third Report coming out of her research Justine Lutterodt considers how to avoid ‘compulsive homogeneity’ in the boardroom by creating a healthier flow of power.

Filipe Morais and Jenny Simnett

Proactive, reactive and inactive boards

Filipe Morais and Jenny Simnett look at board performance reviews in small and midsized quoted companies.

Daniele Vitale

Understanding investors’ ESG integration

Daniele Vitale considers Georgeson’s recent report which analysed the ESG practices of 400 of the largest institutional investors in more than 29 countries.

Bruno Bastit

Investor demands drive change

Bruno Bastit explains how investor demands for diversity and sustainability are driving changes to corporate governance.

Justine Lutterodt

Rethinking 'social distancing' to improve the boardroom agenda

Justine Lutterodt uses insights from social psychology to interrogate the quality of boardroom decision-making.

Gerry Brown

The crisis of governance

Gerry Brown has studied the recent BEIS White Paper and found it wanting. He argues that what UK governance needs is not more consultation but proper Implementation and enforcement of the existing regime.

Luca Giacolone

Activism: mind the governance

Luca Giacolone looks at what boards should be doing to lessen the likelihood of being the target of an activist investor.

Roberta Sydney

Overseeing cyber risk at board level

Roberta Sydney provides key questions for boards to consider as they oversee cyber risk and prepare to recover from incidents.

Lyndsey Zhang

ESG revolution in the US

Lyndsey Zhang reviews recent ESG regulation reforms in the US and examines the impact of global ESG trends on US corporations.

Paul Lee

A Hill to die on?

Paul Lee considers the provisions of the recent UK Listing Review chaired by Lord Hill

Jenny Simnett

Realising strategic value from nomination committees

Jenny Simnett makes some suggestions for improving the impact of nomination committee activities.

John Britton

AGMs during the pandemic

John Britton considers how to run a successful AGM during the coronavirus pandemic.

Professor Bob Garratt

Towards EES+G and the bright pyramid

In an extract taken from his key note address to the Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute’s International Forum in November 2020, Professor Bob Garratt suggests developing a necessary new mindset for future corporate governance.

Chris Stamp

Board reviews: the governance box of chocolates

Chris Stamp, Founder Member of The Board Effectiveness Guild, presents the Guild's view of the current state of board reviews and argues for a rigorous discussion about how to make them more meaningful.

Filipe Morais and Jenny Simnett

ESG in quoted SMEs: Closing the gaps

Filipe Morais and Jenny Simnett report on research commissioned to examine the reality of ESG adoption in smaller quoted companies.

John Harte

CEO performance reviews

John Harte explains why CEO performance reviews are essential in early 2021.

Gbenga Ibikunle and Guy Jubb

Stopping the decline

Gbenga Ibikunle and Guy Jubb consider the decline in the number of UK public companies and ask if it is time to move the UK's governance goalposts?

Sean O'Hare

Challenges for Remuneration Committees

Sean O'Hare looks at some of the challenges, as a result of Covid-19, facing Remuneration Committees for those companies with a December year-end.

Hans-Kristian Bryn and Carl Sjostrom

Risk and reward in private equity

Hans-Kristian Bryn and Carl Sjostrom explore the roles of risk-return and reward in evolving the existing private equity logic.

Domenic Brancati

The new normal: the power of asset owners

Domenic Brancati argues that companies are having to adjust not to temporary trends caused by the pandemic but to a ‘new normal’ of increased focus over ESG matters – and changing dynamics with investors.

Lesley Stephenson

The CEO and the board

Lesley Stephenson summarises the recent conversation between Alison Gill and Patrick Dunne which looked at how the pandemic is changing the relationship between the board and the CEO.

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