Chris Stamp

Board reviews: the governance box of chocolates

Chris Stamp, Founder Member of The Board Effectiveness Guild, presents the Guild's view of the current state of board reviews and argues for a rigorous discussion about how to make them more meaningful.

Filipe Morais and Jenny Simnett

ESG in quoted SMEs: Closing the gaps

Filipe Morais and Jenny Simnett report on research commissioned to examine the reality of ESG adoption in smaller quoted companies.

John Harte

CEO performance reviews

John Harte explains why CEO performance reviews are essential in early 2021.

Gbenga Ibikunle and Guy Jubb

Stopping the decline

Gbenga Ibikunle and Guy Jubb consider the decline in the number of UK public companies and ask if it is time to move the UK's governance goalposts?

Sean O'Hare

Challenges for Remuneration Committees

Sean O'Hare looks at some of the challenges, as a result of Covid-19, facing Remuneration Committees for those companies with a December year-end.

Hans-Kristian Bryn and Carl Sjostrom

Risk and reward in private equity

Hans-Kristian Bryn and Carl Sjostrom explore the roles of risk-return and reward in evolving the existing private equity logic.

Domenic Brancati

The new normal: the power of asset owners

Domenic Brancati argues that companies are having to adjust not to temporary trends caused by the pandemic but to a ‘new normal’ of increased focus over ESG matters – and changing dynamics with investors.

Lesley Stephenson

The CEO and the board

Lesley Stephenson summarises the recent conversation between Alison Gill and Patrick Dunne which looked at how the pandemic is changing the relationship between the board and the CEO.

Lyndsey Zhang

China companies’ VIE structure

Lyndsey Zhang reviews the history of Chinese companies’ VIE structure, the structure’s potential risks as seen in the case of Alibaba and the Chinese Government’s approach to fix the VIE loophole.

Gerry Brown

Governance across the board

Based on a landmark survey of the health, sports, charities and universities sectors Gerry Brown looks at how governance can be improved for the benefit of society as a whole.

Professor Guido Palazzo

The human factor

Professor Guido Palazzo looks at why risk and compliance needs to take a more holistic approach to counter the dangers of ethical blindness.

Professor Alex Edmans

Should businesses serve wider society?

Professor Alex Edmans argues that creating social value is neither defensive nor simply ‘worthy’ – it’s good business.

Luca Giacalone

Succession planning

Luca Giacalone looks at what is probably the most important board decision – who should lead the organisation?

Professor Bob Garratt

What does a 21st Century Board look like?

At a recent All Party Parliamentary Corporate Governance Group (APPCGG) meeting, on this topic Professor Bob Garratt was one of the panellists. This is a transcript of his remarks which has been updated to incorporate his answers to questions during the discussion.

Lindsey Zhang

Governance in China

Lindsey Zhang looks at what we can learn about Chinese corporate governance from the Luckin Coffee and TAL Education Group experiences.

David Lewis

Disciplined experimentation

David Lewis considers why businesses need both emotional and strategic resilience as they tackle the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis?

Alex Cameron and David Archer

COVID-19 and the UK CG Code

Alex Cameron and David Archer examine the principles in the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code) and make practical suggestions for areas that are likely to require particular attention from boards at this time.

Jennifer Warren

Best practices for online AGMs

Jennifer Warren looks at the introduction of virtual shareholder communication as physical gatherings of every kind are reconsidered as a result of the pandemic and offers five tips for best practice.

Stilpon Nestor and Catalina Fuentes Benitez

Group governance

Stilpon Nestor and Catalina Fuentes Benitez provide a pocket primer for financial groups.

Patrick Dunne and Alison Gill

How boards are dealing with coronavirus

Governance launched our YouTube channel this month by bringing together two experts, Patrick Dunne and Alison Gill, to lift the lid on how boards are responding to the coronavirus crisis.

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