Timothy Copnell

Governance and audit reform

Timothy Copnell considers two major reforms affecting audit in the UK which are currently under way

Dr Joseph Lee & Ms Mizuki Suma

The future of Japanese corporate governance

Dr Joseph Lee and Ms Mizuki Suma look at the future of Japanese corporate governance in relation to shareholder participation, sustainability, and technology

Hans-Kristian Bryn

Risk reflections

Hans-Kristain Bryn reflects on the way the risk landscape has changed since September 2022 and argues that this is not a time to think about risk management from compliance perspective.

Michelle Tessaro

Gender diversity beyond the headlines

Michelle Tessaro looks at the latest Cranfield Female FTSE Board Report which finds that the issue is not so much having women at board level as developing the executive pipeline.

David Archer & Chris Stamp

Board effectiveness reviews - Part 2

David Archer and Chris Stamp continue to look at maximising the value of external board effectiveness reviews.

Fiona Hathorn

Non-exec pay

Fiona Hathorn considers why share-pay for non-execs is at odds with the quality of governance.

Chris Stamp & Ian White

Board effectiveness reviews

Chris Stamp and Ian White look at maximising the value of external board effectiveness reviews.

Fiona Chalmers

Virtual/hybrid AGMs

Fiona Chalmers reports on research into the 2022 AGM season which shows that the share of AGMs held as hybrid has almost tripled but the format remains uncommon.

Deirdre Anderson

Minority ethnic representation on boards

Deirdre Anderson looks at new evidence which shows how the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has been a catalyst for boards to set goals around increasing minority ethnic representation at senior levels. But there are still questions over what’s happening in terms of action and accountability.

Domenic Brancati & Daniele Vitale

European 2022 AGM season review

Domenic Brancati and Daniele Vitale examine 2022 AGM season proxy voting outcomes across seven major European markets and find that shareholder dissent on remuneration grows and Say on Climate resolutions have tripled.

John Britton

The UK 2022 AGM season review

John Britton looks back at the UK’s 2022 AGM season and offers potential trends for 2023.

Hans-Kristian Bryn & Carl Sjostrom

Barriers to resilience and agility

Hans-Kristian Bryn and Carl Sjostrom look at how boards can avoid creating unintended barriers to resilience and agility in a disrupted world.

Dr Scarlett Brown

What metrics will our grandchildren judge us by?

Dr Scarlett Brown looks at how to bring together parts of governance that are still too often disparate: purpose and responsible business, strategy, reporting and communications, and impact.

Ian White

Doing less and achieving more

Ian White argues that it’s time for boards to take it easy and to say ‘No’ to things they want to do.

Domenic Brancati, Don Cassidy and Hannah Orowitz

Shareholder engagement - a year-round activity

Domenic Brancati, Don Cassidy and Hannah Orowitz discuss why engagement matters, stakeholders, team members, evaluation and post-engagement activities, which are equally important.

Roger Barker

A code of conduct for directors

Roger Barker introduces the IoD’s vision for board members from all UK entities to sign-up to a widely recognised code of conduct on a voluntary basis.

Patrick Dunne

Managing conflict

Managed well, conflict can spark creativity and innovation, be incredibly cathartic and lead to organisational transformation explains Patrick Dunne.

Chris Hodge

CG as an enabler of innovation

Chris Hodge considers a new IoD Centre for Corporate Governance initiative which is looking at the link between good corporate governance and innovation.

Dr Shann Turnbull

Remaking capitalism

Dr Shann Turnbull suggests a new model of corporate governance for the common good.

Tom Proverbs-Garbett

Governance and climate change

Tom Proverbs-Garbett looks at the important role having a good corporate governance framework can play in helping a company to meet its responsibilities in relation to climate change.

Hannah Orowitz and Lee Anne Hagel

Early trends from US 2022 AGM season

Hannah Orowitz and Lee Anne Hagel look at early US annual meeting voting trends which suggest muted support for proposals on environmental and social issues.

John Harte

Cyber-security matters

John Harte considers the steps boards must take to minimise the risk of costly cyber attacks.

Ian White

A new approach?

Ian White suggests a new approach for non-execs and board decision-making which focuses more on a coaching basis rather than entirely on a detail-driven analysis of past results.

John Britton

2022 AGMs: A snapshot of key trends

John Britton looks at what the likely key trends are for 2022 AGMs based on what happened in 2021, and in particular the use of new technology prompted by the pandemic.

Maddie Scrafton

The importance of governance in an IPO

Maddie Scrafton shares Computershare’s considerable experience to set out best practice governance considerations for companies aiming for an IPO.

Gerry Brown & Dr Randall S Peterson

Disaster in the boardroom

Gerry Brown and Dr Randall S Peterson share the highlights of the research they have recently conducted into why boardroom disasters happen and what steps could be taken to mitigate them.

Dr Shann Turnbull

Risks and opportunities

Dr Shann Turnbull considers risk management by and for directors and shareholding stewards.

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