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The ICGN is a global membership organisation of around 600 leaders in corporate governance based in 50 countries with a mission to raise standards of corporate governance worldwide. We invite you to join the ICGN and share your experiences, knowledge and expertise with fellow decision-makers in corporate governance from around the world.

ICGN members are largely institutional investors who collectively represent funds under management of around US$18 trillion. The breadth and expertise of ICGN members from investment, business, the professions and policymaking extends across global capital markets.

A global organisation of investment clubs and individual shareholder associations, dedicated to wider share ownership

The principal shareholder group in Germany is primarily active on behalf of individual investors. Increasingly making its voice heard across Europe.

Hermes is one of the UK's most activist and vocal institutional investors. The site includes the full set of Hermes voting principles, a dedicated section on corporate governance, and details of the Hermes Lens UK Focus Fund.

One of the two major bodies representing UK institutional investors. The site includes details of the ABI's Institutional Voting Information Service, which includes governance guidelines, sample reports, and lists of company meetings by name and date.

NAPF members account for £450 billion of pension fund assets. The press office and publications rooms in the site contain information on NAPF work and policy positions on governance.

The AITC is a trade association of investment trusts. This site is largely given over to advice for individual investors interested in investing. Performance figures are available, and AITC publications.

The Forum is an alliance of 25 local authority funds, which is increasingly active in governance and corporate responsibility issues. The site offers details of the Forum's campaigns.

A loose affiliation of institutional investors representing $10 trillion in investment capital. The ICGN is becoming increasingly influential as the voice of international institutions.

Represents more than $1.5 trillion of US institutional assets, the CII has become one of the most important players on the US scene. The website includes policy positions, target lists, and sample publications.

Though frequently overshadowed by CalPERS, CalSTRS is a giant fund with a history of activism.

One of several large, and highly active New York public funds.

The world's largest pension fund is becoming increasingly active both at home in the US and abroad. The fund's statement on corporate governance is available.

The international investor relations magazine.

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